Zapier Integration

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Feature Overview

Leverage the power of Sendoso to integrate with almost anything. Connect Sendoso to over 3,000 apps, including Microsoft Dynamics, ActiveCampaign, Zendesk, and many more options in the expansive Zapier Marketplace. 

How to Setup

STEP 1: Logged into Zapier (, you will create your own Zap. You will select the App you want to serve as the trigger. Sendoso can either be the trigger or the action, depending on the workflow.


STEP 2: If you select Sendoso as the trigger, there are two events, “New Send” or “Send Status Updated” meaning when either of these happen, something else will happen in another app. If you use a different tool as the trigger, you’ll build out the event you want to use to trigger Sendoso.


STEP 3: If you use another tool as the trigger, and use Sendoso as the action, here are the actions you can take “Send a Physical Gift”, “Send a Physical Gift with Address Confirmation”, “Generate eGift Link”, “Get Send Status”, or “Send an eGift”.


STEP 4: Within each option, you will need to map the required fields necessary to complete the action. Select finish to complete the Zap setup.


Example Use Cases

Celebrate the wins with customers. Excited that deal just got signed? Generate eGifts from Sendoso when Docusign Envelopes are completed to celebrate a win with new customers.


Stay in the know. Never let a send fall through the cracks by connecting your Sendoso and Slack with a Zap for automated send status updates in a Slack channel for your team.


Give a warm welcome to employees. In a remote world, it can be hard to connect and welcome new employees. When a new employee is added to BambooHR, trigger a welcome box to create great employee engagement from the start.


Send an eGift before a demo. Increase demo and meeting attendance by triggering a scheduled coffee eGift from your Google Calendar an hour before your meeting starts.



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