What are the differences in user permissions and how do I change roles?

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This article details the differences between Sendoso roles and permissions.  

For additional training on Teams & Users, check out this Sendoso University course!

By default, there are four types of user roles available in Sendoso:

  • Admin
  • Department Admin
  • Manager
  • Sender

A role is defined via two dimensions: scope and permissions

A permission is a specific capability (e.g. ability to manage users), while a scope defines the domain within which a user can exercise this capability (e.g. only manage users within my current team).

Default Role Scopes

Role Scope
Admin Organization (entire account/instance)
Department Admin Department
Manager Team
Sender Individual


Note that scope only applies to the following permissions. Any permission not in the below list will give access to the entire account:

  • Manage users
  • Manage departments
  • Manage teams
  • Manage custom roles
  • Assign teams to departments
  • Assign roles to users
  • Reassign users
  • Manage user spending limit
  • Manage templates
  • Manage Campaigns
  • Assign Campaigns
  • Sending assigned Campaigns
  • View Send tracker
  • View analytics

Default Role Permissions

Below are the permissions assigned to default roles:



Dept Admin



Organization & User Management

Manage Users (create / delete / change roles)  
Manage Departments (create / edit / delete)      
Manage Teams (create / edit / delete)    
User Invites: Allow all email domains      
Manage Custom Roles (create / edit / delete)      
Assign teams to departments    
Assign roles to users  
Reassign Users    

Account Balance Management

Manage Funding Sources (create / edit / delete)    
View Funding Sources  
Manage User Spending Limit    
Assign Funding Sources    
View Activity Feed  
View Invoices and Receipts  

Campaign & Template Permissions

Manage Templates (create / edit / delete)
Manage Campaigns (create / edit / archive)  
Assign Campaigns  

Integration Management

Manage Integrations (able to set up integrations and view triggered send approval queue)  
Manage swag stores (create / edit / archive)  

Inventory Management

View Inventory  
Create Products  
Manage Inventory (add / edit / archive)  


Sending assigned Campaigns

Data Access

View Send Tracker
View Analytics


Changing a User's Role

To change a user’s role, select the Team Settings link through the menu in the app's top-right corner.


Then navigate to the Users tab at the top.


Search for the user whose role you'd like to change in the search field at the top.

Either select the checkbox to the left of the user's name or click the three dots to the right of that user's role and select Change Role.

In the pop-up window, find the role you'd like to assign this user. Click Select and then Confirm your choice.


Changing Multiple Users' Roles

If you have multiple users who need role changes, you can update them simultaneously in bulk. Select the checkbox to the left of each user's name and click Change Role at the bottom of the page.


You can also change those users' teams or remove those users.

If you are on the Pro or Enterprise subscription plan, you can create custom roles for your users. Click here to learn more.

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