Marketo Engage Errors and Troubleshooting

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Sendoso enables our senders to trigger sends through Marketo Engage via webhooks and dynamic eGift links.

Unfortunately, the following errors can be shown if the Marketo Engage setup is incorrectly set up. 

Marketo Engage Webhook Errors

200 - This is a successful response, but if you're seeing no activity in Sendoso after 30 minutes, the following should be confirmed

  • Sendoso Campaign must be active.
  • Products included in the Campaign must have available inventory.
  • Funding Source assigned to the Campaign must have available funds. 
  • There should be no errors in the Campaign setup.
    For example, a new Campaign must be created to resolve this error: "600 error - Marketo Engage token is no longer valid".
  • If all of the above are confirmed and you are still not seeing triggers come through, please review your Campaign setup to verify if the "Require Approval" setting has been enabled. If this is the case, you will need to approve the triggered sends from your Triggered Sending Approval queue. 

If the issue persists, please connect with the Support team to help provide more insight. 

400 -  Webhook Failed. Server Returned code 400:

  • All Payload template fields are required in the webhook.
  • The campaign must be active in Sendoso.
  • The Campaign ID must match the campaign setup in Marketo Engage Flow.



400 - Webhook failed. Bad URL Request, No Response:

  • User Key issues.
  • Payload template is incorrect (typos, missing fields, or any changes made to the template).
    The webhook must be entered into the Marketo Engage Payload Template with the exact format shown.



Default Marketo Engage webhook fields:

   "lead_id": {{}},
   "email": {{lead.Email Address}},
   "name": {{lead.First Name}},
   "last_name": {{lead.Last Name}}, 
   "company_name": {{company.Company Name}},
   "address": {{lead.address}},
   "city": {{}},
   "state": {{lead.state}},
   "zip": {{lead.Postal Code}},
   "country": {{}},
   "mobile_no": {{lead.Phone Number}},
 "uuid": {{lead.Sendoso Touch ID}},


Marketo Engage custom webhook (Custom Address confirmation form)

  "lead_id": {{}},
  "email": {{lead.Email Address}},
  "name": {{lead.First Name}},
  "last_name": {{lead.Last Name}}, 
  "company_name": {{company.Company Name}},
"address": {{lead.personalAddress}},
  "city": {{lead.personalCity}},
  "state": {{lead.personalState}},
  "zip": {{lead.personalZip Code}},
  "country": {{lead.personalCountry}},
"mobile_no": {{lead.personalPhone}}
"uuid": {{lead.Sendoso Touch ID}},


401 - HTTP Error 401: Unauthorized access to URL

  • The custom header must be assigned to webhook.
  • Customer Header should be "content-type" and Value should be "application/json".
  • To update the customer header in Marketo:
    • Admin Tab > Webhooks > Select Webhook > Webhook Actions > Set Custom Header
  • Webhook format could be corrupted and new Marketo Engage Payload template for this article is needed.



409 - Server Returned code 409 

  • Do not remove the quotations around the Campaign ID in the Marketo Engage Payload template:
  • Webhook Format could be causing this and new Payload Template is needed to pasted


601 - Error 2 (Invalid User Credentials): 601: Access token invalid 

  • Marketo Engage API permissions aren't set to the following for the Marketo Engage User that created the Client ID, Client Secret, and Base URL.
    • Read-Only Asset
    • Read-Write Person

Please see the following documentation for details: 

Descriptions of Role Permissions in Marketo

Create an API Only User Role in Marketo


Dynamic eGift Link Errors

If you receive the following "Email is not verified" error, then the following will solve this issue. Please note that no send activity is created in Sendoso when this error is shown. Also, please note that dynamic eGift Links cannot be sent to a recipient more than once.


  1. All Marketo Engage emails containing the eGift link must be live and not test emails 
  2. Egift URL must be hyperlinked in the email template
  3. Recipients must exist as contacts/leads with Marketo Engage.
  4. The URL cannot have any augmentation. Any changes will result in no send activity and inactive eGift links for your recipients.
  5. Within Marketo Engage - if clients are using any of the modular templates that are part of the launch pack, there is a global entry for tracking params in the template. 
    • This 'feature' appends params to buttons IF params are added. Otherwise, it's a harmless '?' that is appended to the URL. Removal is easy within the template (removing the string of variables and the input fields). 

If the following error 'Invalid URL!' results then the following will solve this issue. No send activity is created in Sendoso when this error is shown.


  1. Campaign must be active.
  2. Valid Client ID, Client Secret, and Base URL is used in Campaign setup
  3. The recipient email cannot have a 'plus sign modifier' in it. The plus modifier is not handled properly within the dynamic link redirect and an unmodified email address must be used.
  4. The "Include mtk_tok" check box in the hyperlink setup can also prohibit redemption. Please ensure you do NOT have this checked.


Still running into issues? Please reach out to our Support team for assistance.

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