How can I add or remove funds for users?

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Allocating and moving account balance funds 

Funds can be thought of as different bank accounts and individual account balances as a user's wallet. In the image below, you can see that we are moving money from the funding source (bank account) to the user's account balance (wallet). 

In order to move funds from a funding source to an individual user or move funds from one user to another, you will need to navigate to the Account Balance section and click the User Spending Limit tab.

If you want to move funds from one user to another, you would have to first move the funds from User A to the funding source then re-allocating them to User B.

Screen_Shot_2021-03-16_at_6.01.10_PM.pngIf you want to move funds from one funding source to another, you'll need to move the funds to a user's account balance, and then move those funds to the other funding source. There isn't a way to move funds directly from one funding source to another at this time. Click here for instructions.

Updating User Spending Limit for a Specific User

You can add or remove funds from a user's balance by navigating to the User Spending Limit tab of the Account Balance page.

First, you'll need to search for the user's email address at the top. Once you've located the user, you will select a funding source. Once the funding source is selected, you'll enter the amount you want to add or remove from the user's balance. When you enter a dollar amount, you'll see the "Add Balance" and "Remove Balance" buttons appear.


Updating Multiple Account Balances

You can update multiple user balances at once if you navigate to the User Spending Limits tab in the Account Balance section and click on the “Update Multiple Balances” button.


Next, select the funding source you wish to use:


You can filter by different groups:


Once you have the right group set up, you can add/remove funds from as many users as you want:


Once you’re ready, you can click “Update” to confirm your changes and see a summary of the updated balances.


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