How do I send items from our Inventory?

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To send items from your organization's inventory from one of Sendoso's Sending Fulfillment Centers, you'll want to navigate to your Send page and click on Inventoried Sends.

Your Sendoso manager or admin will need to set up these Sends for your account before you can send any inventory sends to your recipients. If you're a manager or admin, please see these articles for more information.

On the Send page, you'll see these options as Inventoried Sends. 


Once you select which option to send, you'll select whether you want to send it to a single person/company or to a group of people (Upload Excel CSV).


If you select to send it to a single person/company, you'll be prompted to enter the recipient's name, mailing address, and custom message (if applicable).

If you check the box to ask the recipient to confirm their address, the recipient's email address will be required. When this box is checked, you'll select whether you'd like to cancel your order if the recipient does not confirm or send it anyway.


The recipient will have two business days to take action before the order is automatically canceled or begins processing. Click here for more information about Address Confirmation. 

If you select the Upload Excel CSV option to submit a bulk send, you'll be prompted to download our CSV template, enter each recipient's information, and re-upload the updated CSV file. For more information regarding CSV uploads, click here

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