How do I send via Sendoso Direct?

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Use our Sendoso Direct options to send wine, plants, sweets, treats, and other perishable items via a third-party vendor of your choice or anyone from our verified network of partners.

First, a Sendoso Direct Campaign option must be created and assigned to your team. Once it has been set up, you'll see it displayed as a 'Sendoso Direct' option on the Send page. 

How to Send Sendoso Direct Items

Head over to your Send page and select Sendoso Direct at the top to see all of the options available to you.

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On the next page, you'll decide if you want to send it to an individual, or to a group of people. If you choose to send it to a group of people, check out this article


The next page is where you'll fill out your recipient information. Here, you'll also be able to choose whether you'd like the recipient to confirm their address before the Send processes. For more on Address Confirmation, click here


After you've made your selections, simply click Send It at the bottom!

Some things to keep in mind:

The price listed is an estimate. They are sent as is and no other item(s) can be included. Once the order is submitted, you can track the status in the Send Tracker.

Once it's been shipped, you can click the tracking number for more details. You will also receive a notification email from Sendoso once your package has been shipped.

Note that each vendor has its own processing timeframe, specified shipping days, and character count limitations for custom notes.

For additional training on the platform, we recommend checking out Sendoso University courses. These courses are designed to help you be as successful as possible using Sendoso.

For troubleshooting or answers to frequently asked questions, check out our Help Center. And, of course, should you run into any issues or if you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support Team!

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