Send Tracker Overview and FAQs

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Sendoso's Send Tracker is a feature within the platform that lets you track all of your Sends in one place. Tip: Check out our Sendoso University course on the Send Tracker!

If you're an Admin or Manager user, feel free to dive deeper here

Key Benefits

  • Filters for Send status, recipient name, sender name, and more
  • A place to find tracking information for physical Sends
  • See your Send's status at a glance
  • Download CSV for all Sends
  • Cancel Sends

To access the Send Tracker, simply click Send Tracker at the top of any page of Sendoso.

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When you click on this tab, you will land in the All Sends view. This view shows all of your sends and all of your assigned team's sends.


If you'd like to drill into more specific types of sends like Amazon or eGifts, you can use the filters at the top. 


Finding a Send's Tracking Information

Once you've located your Send through Search or by filtering, you'll see three dots to the right of the Send. Clicking on View Send Details link, you'll be able to get the tracking information at the top of the Send Details page.



For more details about Send statuses, click here.

If you need the tracking links for multiple Sends, then we recommend that you download a CSV of the Send Tracker. The CSV file will contain the tracking information for every send that has been shipped.

More details about the Send:

In addition to checking physical Send tracking information, you're able to check Send Details for every type of Send. These details include:

Send Info


Recipient Info


Recipient Message


Gift Details


Recent Updates




Send Statuses


Sent: When the eGift offer is initiated. The recipient has not opened the email at this point.

Opened: When an eGift offer email is viewed by the recipient. The recipient has not selected their eGift at this point.

Clicked: When an eGift offer link is clicked. The eGift redemption page is displayed to the recipient but they have not confirmed their email address to receive the eGift code. Once the email has been verified, the eGift is now considered Redeemed.

Redeemed: When an eGift is selected and the recipient has received their eGift code. Note that this does not indicate when the user actually used the eGift, only that they generated the code.

Expired: When an eGift offer is no longer available to redeem. This will occur if the recipient does not open the eGift offer email before the selected expiration policy (selected during the Campaign creation process.) 

Refunded: If the eGift was never opened and is still in Sent status by the date the eGift offer expires, we will credit the funding source as soon as it expires. This status is also used for emails that are bounced.

Physical Sends

Confirming Address: Waiting for the recipient to confirm/update their mailing address. For more information about Address Confirmation, click here.

Confirmation Canceled: Address Confirmation has expired, and the order was canceled. 

Order Received: The order has been submitted to our warehouse team for processing. If your order has been in Processing status for more than 7 days, please contact Support.

Shipped: The order has been shipped out. Your Send Tracker should update with a link to the tracking information.

Delivered: The order has been successfully delivered to its destination.

Fulfillment Issue: The order is between the Order Received status and Shipped status. There are a number of reasons a send can be paused. If your order has been in the Paused status for more than 3 days, please reach out to Support for assistance.

Undeliverable: The order has been deemed undelivered (potential issue with address, unable to reach recipient, no one home at the time of delivery, etc.) Reach out to Support with the order or tracking number for assistance.

Canceled: The order has been canceled.

Amazon Fulfilling: Amazon is preparing to ship order to Sendoso.

Amazon Shipped: Amazon shipped your order to a Sendoso Fulfillment Center.

Refunded: The order has been canceled and funds have been credited back.

Failed: Reach out to Support with the order or tracking number for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will archived and deleted campaigns appear in Send Tracker?

A: Yes, you will still be able to track sends where the campaign has been archived or deleted. This way, you will always see historically what has been sent out even if the campaign is no longer active. 

Q: Will sends appear in the Send Tracker if sent in Testing Mode?

A: Yes, it will still appear and you can drill into a send to see if the testing mode is on or off. You can also filter to view test sends using the Send Tracker filters. 

Q: What visibility does each role have in the Send Tracker?

A: The Manager and Admin users will see sends from all teams and all members, depending on their permissions. Sender Users will only see their own sends.

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