What happens when you have insufficient funds?

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Below are the notifications that will notify you when additional funding is needed. If you are a manager or an admin, click here for more information on how to add funds to your account.

Insufficient funds in Sender’s Balance

When a Campaign is set to send from the Sender’s Balance but there are insufficient funds, users will receive a notification that they do not have enough funds to cover the send. The Sender must reach out to their Sendoso admin/manager to receive funds.


Insufficient Funding Source Funds

When a Campaign is set to send from the Funding Source but there are insufficient funds and the Manager or Admin user has not allowed senders to add funding to the funding source, senders will be prompted with a message notifying them there is not enough in the funding source to complete the transaction. An Admin/Manager would need to add more funds to the funding source.


Extending Permissions to Senders: Add Funding for Campaigns 

When a Campaign is set to send from a Funding Source, managers and admins can now allow senders to generate invoices or charge a credit card if the funds are insufficient.

  • A checked box means Senders will be able to generate invoices or charge the credit card to complete their sends.
  • An unchecked box means Senders will be blocked from adding more funds to the Funding Source.


When the above feature is enabled users will see this notification if they have insufficient Sender’s Balance but are allowed to add funds to a funding source at the time of the send.


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