How can I delete a user?

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Deleting a user has never been easier. You now have the ability to delete a user via the Teams or Users tab.

Please keep in mind that you are unable to delete users who are admins. In order to delete an admin user, you will first have to change their role to Sender and then you will be able to delete them.

Deleting a user via the Team's tab

To delete a user, navigate to the Teams section and click on the name of their Team.

Then, on the Team Members page click the three verticle dots to the right of the user to view the options menu. In the options menu, click Delete Member.


Upon pressing delete, you will be prompted to move their remaining funds to a Funding Source.


Deleting a user via the Users tab

Navigate to the Users tab and click on Active Users. Locate the user you need to delete and click on the 3 dots to the right of the user. Here you can take actions on specific users, such as removing (deleting) the user.


If you need to remove multiple users, simply click the checkboxes next to the left of their names and select "Remove User" at the bottom.


We will save the data from the deleted users and you can always re-activate a user by sending them a new invite. Please note that if you're trying to invite a previously deleted user, you can only re-invite them by sending them an email invite. You cannot send them a generated invite link.

It is important to remember that you are unable to delete a user, Campaign, or Funding Source if any orders are in processing. Nor can a team be deleted until all users are removed from the team.

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