What is Item Cost Refund?

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What is "Item Cost Refund"?

Enabling the Item Cost Refund option, or Refund Item Cost, makes the Sender aware of the total cost of each inventoried send. This means the cost of the send would be a combined total of the Sendoso charges + the cost of the physical item.

In the product creation flow, you'll notice that you're required to enter the "Cost per Unit". This amount will vary depending on the actual cost of your product. 


How does this feature work?

If the send is paid via a Sender's Balance, Sendoso will:

  • Deduct the total cost of the send (item cost + Sendoso charges) from the Sender's Balance
  • Credit the item's cost to the default funding source

If the send is paid via a Funding Source, Sendoso will:

  • Deduct the total cost of the send (item cost + Sendoso charges) from the designated Funding Source
  • Credit the item's cost back to the funding source it pulled from

If the send is subsequently canceled, the above billing activity will be reverted.

How can I set this up?

If you wish to enable the cost refund of your items, please get in touch with your CS resource. They'll take the next steps to ensure your request is completed. 

What's next?

Now that your items have the cost enabled, you can start sending! While in the Send flow, you'll now see the cost of each item in the Campaign:


Where can I view the Item Cost?

To see what the Item Cost is for a specific send, you can navigate to the "By Spend" tab on the Analytics page and click on "See table view" on the Sender Activity tile. Once you've filtered the information to find the send you're looking for, download the CSV. Check out our Help Center article for more information about the Analytics page and how to use it!

After downloading the CSV, it will be downloaded as a folder where two CSVs will be waiting for you to review. By clicking on the "team_send_details.csv", you'll be able to see all the cost items. To see the cost of the items in your send, take a look at Column Q. My test send above included two different colored mugs, the blue mug is priced at $5 and the red mug is priced at $5.75, giving us the ITEM cost of $10.75:

Screen_Shot_2022-10-03_at_10.33.22_AM.pngThe Total Cost we see in Column J will differ as this send moves from "Confirming Address" to "Processing" as the Total Cost will include Pick & Pack fees, Handwritten Notecard cost (if applicable), and other costs you see above.

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