The Process of Sending via Amazon

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Part One: Amazon is Processing

  • Sendoso places an Amazon order to have the item shipped to Sendoso's Sending Fulfillment Center. 
  • Sendoso charges the sender $15 for a "Shipping Hold." 
    • Please note, the actual cost of shipping will be assessed once the item reaches the Sendoso Sending Fulfillment Center and a shipping label is created. If shipping is less than $15, the difference in cost will be refunded to the sender. If shipping is greater than $15, the difference will be charged to the sender. 

Part Two: Amazon has shipped

  • Amazon sends the item to Sendoso's Sending Fulfillment Center and provides a tracking number. 

Part Three: Item Delivered to Sendoso Sending Fulfillment Center

  • The item is marked as delivered to the Sendoso Sending Fulfillment Center by the Amazon tracking number.
  • The Sending Fulfillment Center team prepares the processing for the order. 

Part Four: Writes Notes and Packing

  • Sendoso marks the item as received.
  • The Amazon item is removed from Amazon packaging and placed in brand-friendly packaging.
  • Sendoso's handwritten note team writes the note and adds it to the package. 
  • Please note, there is 3-5 business day processing phase.

Part Five: Shipped from Sendoso Sending Fulfillment Center

  • The Sending Fulfillment Center team QA's the package and verifies everything is correct.
  • A label is created and the tracking number is provided to the sender.
  • Sendoso refunds the "Shipping Hold" and charges the actual cost of the shipping label.

Part Six: Packages Delivered

  • Follow up with the recipient on send. 

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