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Through Sendoso's optional extension, you will be able to send gifts to your contacts directly from within HubSpot. In this article, we'll go through:

Manual sends from Sendoso Extension in HubSpot

In this integration you will be able to:

  • Send eGifts and physical gifts to Contacts in HubSpot using Sendoso's chrome extension
  • You will never have to leave HubSpot to see the status of your eGifts and physical gifts, the status will appear in the Activity feed within the Contact's record in HubSpot.   
  • You can also, as always, track your sends through Sendoso Analytics and see when packages and eGifts have been delivered for follow-up.

Looking for HubSpot Marketing Automation Guide? Go here! 

First, a Sendoso Manager or Admin user will create a manual campaign in Sendoso and assign it to the groups they want to have the ability to send the touch. 

  • To do this, click on Create Campaign under the Campaigns tab

Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 12.58.34 PM.png

  • Click on the desired Campaign from the Touches Type List. Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 1.00.28 PM.png
  • Select your Campaign to be Manually based on users clicking Send button or uploading CSV and click Next Step.


  • Assign it to the Group(s) you want to have access to the touch. Then click Finish!


  • Next, download the optional Sendoso chrome extension by going here.
  • Once downloaded, you'll see a floating Sendoso S within HubSpot.


  • Open the chrome extension and you will see all campaigns that have been assigned to you. Click on the icon of the gift you'd like to send. 


  • When you select your gift, the next screen will populate the email address or mailing address from the contact's details depending on if the gift is a physical gift or an eGift. 


Click send and you're done!

  • To see the status of your gift, check the contact's activity feed for updates on when the gift is shipped, delivered, etc., and when the eGift is open, clicked, used, etc. 



  • Issues will occur if senders aren't synced to HubSpot in their Sendoso account, please sync here.

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