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Even though a notification that your package was delivered to your prospect is one of the most exciting emails that you can receive, checking and managing your email inbox can be one of the most tiring things you do all day. 

Great news - there's literally no better notification to receive in Slack than seeing that your gift was delivered, so we've decided to send our notifications there. Check it out below - you'll get all the steps of the gifting process sent to you in a Sendoso slack channel! 

Screen Shot 2024-05-30 at 11.47.13 AM.png


How do I enable it?

As an admin in Sendoso, navigate to the Slack integration page and select "Sync Slack." If you have permission to install apps in Slack, this will immediately sync for all users based on an email address in Sendoso matching to email address of a user in Slack. 


Can I choose which notifications I receive?

Absolutely - once the app has been added, you can navigate to your notification settings and manage which updates you receive via Slack. All of the options are available, just uncheck the ones you're not interested in receiving. 

Can I send directly from Slack? 

Coming soon!

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