Setting up Additional Salesforce Tracking Fields Globally

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Sendoso allows you to map additional fields back to Salesforce beyond the campaign member status. This will help the team pull additional data points into Salesforce for reporting on Sendoso!

NEW - you can now configure these settings globally instead of configuring them on each campaign you create!

It's important to note that you may not have access to this feature. If you don't have access to this feature but would like to migrate to a Salesforce Global Account, please let our support team know.

  • To start, head to the Salesforce integration from the integrations tab (or click here)
  • Then click the 'Writeback Mapping' tab

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  • Upon clicking this section, you will be presented with several additional fields Sendoso can push back to Salesforce.
  • Find the field you want to send to Salesforce, choose the object (Contact, Lead, Campaign, etc.) you want to push the information to, and then what field on that object.
  • Keep in mind you'll likely need your Salesforce admin/team to create fields for these options


Once you've configured the fields you want to track, press the orange 'Save settings' button at the bottom of the page.

Sendoso strongly recommends always mapping the "Total $ Spent on Campaign" option so you can report on the campaigns within Salesforce.

If you have any questions surrounding these fields, please contact your Customer Success Resource.

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