Update HubSpot Deal Object with Sendoso Spend

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Did you know you can leverage Sendoso’s HubSpot integration to write back updates like spend into your Contact and Deal objects? ROI reporting and rep performance tracking can be done all within HubSpot. 

In order to do this, you’ll need to have HubSpot integrated with Sendoso, and sufficient privileges to create properties and workflows.

This reporting will only track spend that originated from HubSpot. Any sending done outside of HubSpot will not be tracked back to HubSpot. You must have contacts associated with deals in order for the calculation to occur. 

Follow the steps below. 

Calculating Spend on the Deal 

You’ll need to have a custom field for spend on the Contact object. If you don’t have this set up yet, start by going to this article

Now that you’re tracking spend on Contacts, you can create a property on the Deal object. Start by going to Settings and scroll down to Properties. Change the object type to Deals and click on Create property.

Give the deal a descriptive name, e.g. Total Sendoso Spend. 

Click Next

For the field type, select Calculation and click Build calculation

To configure the field, first select Sum for Calculated property type. For Number format, select Currency

Next, choose Contact as the Associated record type. If you’d like to filter by specific association labels, e.g. Primary contact, you can do so. Otherwise, leave the box marked “All association labels” checked to track all associated contacts. 

Lastly, select your custom Contact spend property as the associated record property. Click Create to finish the process. 

Great work! Now, your calculated field will sum the spend of all associated contacts on your deal. Use this in your deal-based reports to calculate the ROI of sending and track your investment per deal. 

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