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Did you know you can leverage Sendoso’s HubSpot integration to write back updates like spend into your Contact and Deal objects? ROI reporting and rep performance tracking can be done all within HubSpot. 

In order to do this, you’ll need to have HubSpot integrated with Sendoso, and sufficient privileges to create properties and workflows.

Note: This reporting will only track spend that originated from HubSpot. Any sending done outside of HubSpot will not be tracked back to HubSpot. 

Follow the steps below. 

Calculating Spend on the Contact

Create a custom field for spend on the Contact object.

Start by going to Settings in the top right corner of the screen. In the left-hand sidebar, under Data Management, go to Properties. Click Create property.

For the object type, select Contact, and select the Group that aligns best with how you currently manage properties. Give your field a label, e.g. “Sendoso Spend”. Click Next.

For the field type, select Number, and for Number format, select Currency. Click Next.

On the next screen, adjust the property visibility to your liking. There is no need to show this field in forms, pop-up forms, or bots - you can leave that box unchecked. The validation rules can all remain unchecked as well. Click Create.

Build a workflow that updates the field when a user is charged for the send.

From the top navigation menu, go to Workflows. From the workflows screen, click Create workflow, and choose From scratch.

Use a Blank workflow and hit Next

Begin by clicking on “Set up triggers”, and for the filter type, select “Sendoso: Gift Status Sync Event”. On the next screen, choose to trigger the workflow on the Campaign ID, and enter all the relevant relevant Campaign IDs from your account. (These can be copied and pasted easily from the main Campaign screen in Sendoso)

Apply the filter. 

Next, add an If/then branch. Create a branch for each Campaign ID you entered in your initial trigger. Once you’ve specified the Campaign ID, add an AND function to include the Sent status to exclude Canceled sends, as those are not ultimately charged.

The reason for separating them into branches is to ensure you’re adding the respective dollar amount tied to each gift. Your workflow will now look something like this. 


Next, for each Campaign you’ve added as a branch, add an action by clicking the plus sign and scroll down to “Increase or decrease property value” under “Property management”. 

To set up the action, choose the Contact as the target object, select your Spend property, and then add the dollar value of that campaign as the numeric value. Hit Save

Note: In some cases, the Campaign may have a variable cost (e.g. items from the Direct marketplace). In this case, you may choose to increase the value to the estimated cost, which can be found on the Send page. This will guarantee that you report on the maximum spend, rather than under-reporting the spend. 

Now, each time a gift is sent with that Campaign ID, the spend on that contact will increase by the dollar amount specified. Repeat the process for the remaining campaigns.

The final result will look similar to the one below. 

Congratulations! You’re now able to track your spend on contacts within HubSpot.

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