Rolling Recipient PII Redaction

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This feature is currently in beta. Contact your customer success resource for your plan eligibility and early access.

To provide advanced privacy protection to help our customers stay in compliance with GDPR and CCPA, we've developed a feature that will automatically redact recipients' PII (personal identifiable information) 90 days after your send has been shipped (physical sends), opened/clicked (eGift sends), or terminated.

Information this feature redacts

This feature will redact your recipient's PII including:

  • Recipient's name
  • Recipient's company name
  • Recipient's email address
  • Recipient's IP address
  • Recipient's street address*
  • The note/email message included in the send

*Please note that city, zip code, state/province, and country will not be redacted

Timeline for automatic redaction

Recipients' PII will be redacted on a rolling 90-day basis after a send's fulfillment status has reached shipped, clicked, or terminated statuses. For example, once an eGift's status reaches the clicked/opened status, the recipient's information will be redacted 90 days later.

Here are the other statuses that will trigger this 90-day redaction clock:


Opened: When an eGift offer email is viewed by the recipient. The recipient has not selected their eGift at this point.

Clicked: When an eGift offer link is clicked by the recipient. The recipient has not selected their eGift at this point.

Expired and credited: If the eGift was never opened and is still in Sent status by the date the eGift offer expires, we will credit the funding source as soon as it expires. This status is also used for emails that are bounced.

Physical Sends:

Shipped: The order has been shipped out.

Confirmation Canceled: Address Confirmation has expired, and the order was canceled.

Canceled: The order has been canceled.

Refunded: Undeliverable direct sends are canceled and refunded.

For more details about the different send statuses, click here.

How redactions look in the app

The recipient's data n the Send Tracker will be redacted and no longer available once it meets the 90-day criteria:


The recipient's information will also be displayed as redacted on the Send Details page of every send:


Once the recipient's information has been redacted, their information is no longer accessible, even for internal teams at Sendoso. 

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