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With the Zoho CRM x Sendoso integration, sending gifts to contacts and leads is as easy as ever!

To get started, log in to your Zoho CRM instance, navigate to setup, and click 'Modules and Fields' Zoho1.png

Click on 'Leads' to open the lead module


Next, click on 'Links and Buttons' and then click 'New Button'


Configure your button with the following info:
Title: 'Sendoso'
Place: 'View Page'
Action: 'Invoke a URL'
URL: https://app.sendoso.com/v2/plugin/sends?channel=Zoho&email=${Leads.Email}&name=${Leads.Lead Name}&company_name=${Leads.Company}&country=${Leads.Country}&address=${Leads.Street}&city=${Leads.City}&zip=${Leads.Zip Code}&state=${Leads.State}
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Hit save and you're done! You'll now be able to leverage Sendoso directly from a Lead record in Zoho CRM!


You'll need to repeat these steps for the Contact module as well. Note - the URL for contacts is different (see below)

Contact URL: https://app.sendoso.com/v2/plugin/sends?channel=Zoho&email=${Contacts.Email}&name=${Contacts.Contact Name}&company_name=${Contacts.Account Name}&country=${Contacts.Mailing Country}&address=${Contacts.Mailing Street}&city=${Contacts.Mailing City}&zip=${Contacts.Mailing Zip}&state=${Contacts.Mailing State}

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