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With the Sendoso x Dock integration, you can easily add Sendoso as a plan task to any workspace! We would like to suggest adding Sendoso to critical parts of your sales & onboarding workspaces (post demo, graduating onboarding, etc). If you have questions about where to use Sendoso along the sales or onboarding journey, contact your CSM or AM!

To start, log in to your Dock account and navigate to your templates section and click 'Edit' on the template you want to add Sendoso to.


Add a new task to your template's plan.


Title the task "Send Sendoso" (or some variation to indicate they are sending a gift) and then drag the task to the appropriate step.


Next, click on 'Details' for the Sendoso task.


Make sure to mark the task as 'Internal' and then under 'Add Action', click 'External Link'.


Title the link, "Sendoso", and paste this in the URL field:


Save the URL and that's it! You now have Sendoso integrated into your sales/onboarding templates! (Be sure your template saved before navigating away from the screen)


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