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With the Sendoso x Microsoft Dynamics integration send gifts to contacts & leads in just a few clicks!

To get this set up, a Microsoft Dynamics admin will need to follow these steps:

Navigate to the Advanced Settings of your instance of Microsoft Dynamics, then click on the 'Customization' settings


Click on 'Customize the System'


Under 'Entities' find the 'Contact' entity and then click into 'Forms'. Click into the form your team is using as default


*Note - these steps will need to be repeated for the 'Lead' entity as well*

Once you have the form open, we suggest making a new one-column section for Sendoso, however, you can skip this step and add Sendoso to an existing section if you'd like.


Whether you created a section or are adding to an existing one, you'll then insert an iframe


Use the following information for the iframe settings:

Name: Sendoso


*Be sure the security setting is UNCHECKED*


Click the 'Formatting' tab and increase the number of rows to at least 10


After that, click 'Ok'. If needed, drag the newly added iframe to the appropriate section on your form


Be sure to save and publish the form once you're done editing


After you have closed the editing window, make sure this form is active for all users.


That's it! Once activated, users will now see Sendoso on contact records in Microsoft Dynamics!


*Be sure to repeat these steps for the Lead entity as well*

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