Safeguards for Automated Sending

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Triggered sending is a great way to automate the sending process and track ROI through your preferred integration. Even though these sends are processed automatically through triggered campaigns, some safeguards are in place to ensure you stay on budget.

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Triggered Send Approval

Triggered sending approval is built for Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, and HubSpot to provide a layer of protection for your triggered sends.

Rather than triggers coming directly to Sendoso and automatically going out to whoever triggers, they will instead be added to a queue for a Manager or Admin user to approve or reject.

You’re able to enable this feature during the Campaign setup process. On the Touch Details page, when you select Triggered as the Touch type, you’ll see a “Require Approval” option.

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When a Send is triggered, you’ll be prompted to approve the Send before it processes. You will then navigate to the Triggered Send Approval queue by going to the Send page and clicking the arrow and selecting the “Triggered Sending Approval” link.


On this page, you’ll see the Sends that are awaiting approval. Simply select the boxes next to the Sends you’d like to approve and click Approve at the bottom.


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