How do I send an eGift via SMS?

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Sending eGift offers is a great instant gifting option. You can send the recipient an eGift via email or generate a shareable link to add to your own email or in a quick message! Another great option for sending an eGift would be via a Text Message (SMS). 

How to Send an eGift via SMS 

Once your Campaign is set up by your admin or manager, your new eGift should be available under the Sendoso Choice option on your Send page.


To send your eGift via Text Message, you'll choose the "Send via SMS" option. You'll then enter the recipient's phone number and edit the message that will appear in the text message itself.



Once you've successfully submitted your send via SMS, you will see this message appear:


The recipient will receive a text message with the message you've entered as well as their eGift URL:


When the recipient clicks on the link, it will open an internet browser window/tab and they will view their eGift offer or choices:


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