International Shipping FAQ

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Sendoso offers warehousing across the USA (Phoenix, Hayward aka. Beverage-US), Europe (Peterborough, UK, and Dublin, Ireland), and Australia (Ingleburn). There are many benefits to shipping intra-country and intra-EU.

Benefits from Shipping USA to USA or UK to UK include:

  • No customs fees if custom gifts, swag, etc are purchased within the country and sent to our in-country Sending Fulfillment Centers (SFCs).
  • Eliminates the need to go through Customs on individual shipments

Some other things to consider if you are shipping from the US to our UK Sending Fulfillment Center:

  • Anything crossing the border will need an Importer of Record. Unfortunately, Sendoso cannot act in this capacity.
  • You will need to clear customs, paying all applicable duties and freight prior to landing goods at our facilities.   
  • Unfortunately, any goods arriving with duties or freight unpaid will be refused.
  • As usual, once you have coordinated your shipment, please create a Ship Notice to let us know the goods are on the way.
  • As of January 1, 2021, a commercial invoice is now required to ship from the UK to the EU.

Prohibited Countries for Sendoso Shipping

For a list of prohibited countries and high-risk countries, please click here

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