Limiting a Campaign by Salesforce Criteria

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You can set up advanced Salesforce validation rules for situations where you only want the Campaign to show up or not show to senders based on Salesforce Lead/Contact/Account/Opportunity data. Note this only applies to sends submitted via Salesforce. 

For example, you may only want the sales team to be able to send a Premium Finance Industry eBook to Leads that have the Industry field = Finance. Or you may only want to send an expensive swag kit to existing customers. There are a lot of use cases and we can help you identify and set up advanced touch settings. 

Create a new Campaign and then click on +Additional Details:

After syncing Salesforce you can then decide if you want the Campaign to ONLY display or DO NOT display:

Next, select which Salesforce Object you want to set the validation criteria on:

After selecting the object, you'll specify which field you want Sendoso to look at (ie. Industry)


You can also include Logic like AND and OR to have even more advanced Salesforce validation rules.

Additional Best Practices: 

You cannot use commas in the Input Field (i.e. "prospect, customer")

Let us know if you have any questions or need help!

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