Creating a BYO Box Campaign

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To give senders more flexibility, as a Manager, you can set up a Custom Bundle and let the sender decide on the items and quantities to be sent. This works perfectly if you are sending to a group of recipients or sending T-Shirts of various sizes. 

1. Click on the Campaigns tab:

2. Click on Create Campaign:

Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 10.26.34 AM.png

3. Click on the BYO Box option:


4. Name your BYO Box, select the warehouse, and choose the items you want to include. For sends out of our Phoenix warehouse, you can now include crinkle paper for just $2/send (see: this article.) 


You can also decide if you want to pre-set the quantity or let the sender decide the quantity of each item. If you leave the quantity field blank, the product will become optional.

Please note: If there is a quantity set for a product and the stock runs out, the Touch will be paused due to insufficient inventory. 


5. Enter the Internal Touch Name and the Display Name for the Sender. Select whether to charge the cost to the sender's balance or to a specified funding source. Add a message in the "Special Packing and Shipping instructions" box if you have any specific packaging requests.


6. You can also set the shipping method for the touch or allow the sender to select the shipping method at the time of the send. Additionally, you can limit the number of times the Touch can be sent during a specified timeframe. This can be limited per user or per team. 


7. Once the Touch setup is complete, senders will have the flexibility to checkbox which items they want to send and the quantities:


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