What's the difference between the Swag Store and the Custom Brand Shop?

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You may have noticed two of Sendoso’s offerings, the Custom Brand Shop and the option to sync to your Swag Store. These offerings have two separate purposes, which we will be outlining here!

Swag Store: The Swag Store is where you can integrate your Shopify storefront! This enables your customers or employees to purchase and order your inventory. These orders are pushed to Sendoso to be processed and sent via one of our Sending Fulfillment Centers (SFC.)

You’ll find the Swag Store integration under Company Settings in the menu icon: 

Screen Shot 2023-10-31 at 12.26.38 PM.png

Screen Shot 2023-10-31 at 12.28.00 PM.png

You can read more about the Swag Store and how to get started setting up your Shopify integration here.

Custom Brand Shop: The Custom Brand Shop enables you to order branded swag and merchandise seamlessly through our platform. The inventory will be shipped and stored at a Sendoso SFC of your choice, to then be made available for sending.

You’ll find the Custom Brand Shop by first clicking + Create New Products on your Inventory page:


Then, you’ll select Custom Brand Shop to get started:


You can read more about the process for selecting and ordering your custom-branded swag here.

For additional training on the platform, we recommend checking out Sendoso University courses. These courses are designed to help you be as successful as possible using Sendoso.

For troubleshooting or answers to frequently asked questions, check out our Help Center. And, of course, should you run into any issues or if you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support Team!

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