Ship Notice and Inventory FAQs

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Find some answers to frequently asked questions about Inventory and Ship Notices below.

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  • Our receiving SLA is 3-5 days, but please note that shipments sent without ship notices could take upwards of 3 weeks to get inventoried.

  • At this time, there is no way to completely delete items from your inventory on your end. However, please feel free to contact the Support Team for assistance. 

  • This can happen if there is an error in counting incoming inventory. If you believe the amount of inventory that shows in your account is inaccurate, please contact the Support Team for assistance.

  • Our Logistics Support Team is the team who ensures shipments and orders are received and shipped efficiently and they reach out to customers for a few reasons. They will contact you if, for example, they need an updated address for a recipient, they need information for a shipment to clear customs, or if an order is paused due to the recipient's address and restrictions in their country or state, etc. 

    If you receive an email from that team, we recommend that you reply as soon as possible. Doing so will ensure that there are no further delays in getting your order shipped or inventoried. 

  • There is no way to convert a regular item into a styled item at this time. When you create a new item, you'll have the ability to select whether that item has any styled items. For example, if you're adding a shirt, but you have 3 sizes, you'll want to make the proper selections when you go through the flow of creating a new product. See here for more information.

    If you want to combine some individual products and convert them into stylized products, please contact the Support Team for assistance. 

  • If you do not see the item listed that you want to send us please contact the Sendoso Support team here.

Ship Notices

  • If you forgot to include a Ship Notice, please contact our Support Team to let them know.

  • There is no way for you to edit a Ship Notice once it has been created, however, feel free to reach out to our Support Team for assistance. If you'd like to download a copy of the existing Ship Notice, click the 3 dots to the right of the shipment's row on the Inventory tab and click Reprint Ship Notice PDF.

  • It depends on how many different items you are shipping. Each item will need its own box and each box will need a copy of the Ship Notice.

    For example, if you’ve created a Ship Notice with 50 pens, 50 shirts, and 50 notebooks, you will need 3 boxes and 3 copies of the Ship Notice. Each box will need a copy of the Ship Notice attached.

  • If you need to contact the SFC for any reason, please reach out to the Support Team for assistance.

  • No. The only SFC able to store alcohol is the Beverage-US SFC in California USA.

  • In the event that any form of alcohol is shipped to one of our SFCs where we are not able to inventory or send them, these items will be destroyed.

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