How do I send more items to Sendoso's Fulfillment Center?

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If you're running low on an item in your Inventory, you're able to easily create a Ship Notice through Sendoso! For a refresher on Ship Notices, click here

On your Inventory page, you'll have an up-to-date view of your current inventory levels. If you need to send more of your own items to one of the Sending Fulfillment Centers (SFC) you can get started on that same page. 

First, you'll want to click the "Ship Notices" option at the top.

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Next, click the orange "Create Ship Notice" button on the right.

Screenshot 2024-06-06 at 10.07.18 AM.png

From here, you'll simply add the items you are sending to the fulfillment center and press save.

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Please note that you can add other items to your Ship Notice, but you'll need to place those items in separate boxes.

For example, if you're sending in 20 shirts and 20 hats, you can add both items to the Ship Notice, but the shirts must be in one box and the hats will need to be in a separate box. Each box will need the same Ship Notice attached, however. 

For more information on how to package items that are sent to the SFC, click here

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