What should I do if my Send is stuck in Customs?

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When shipping internationally, your Sends will be subject to customs clearance.

Customs clearance is a necessary procedure before goods can be imported or exported internationally. If a shipment is cleared, then the shipper (Sendoso) will provide documentation confirming customs duties that are paid and the shipment can be processed.

Sendoso works directly with carriers on your behalf to provide the necessary documentation to clear your shipments through customs.

However, in some cases, the customs clearance department may also request information from the recipient.

In these cases, the customs department should reach out to the recipient to request the proper information (such as identification of the recipient) to clear the shipment.

For example, when shipping to India, the recipient will be required to provide KYC documents (government-recognized proof of identity and address.) This includes, but is not limited to, a permanent account number. A permanent account number (PAN) is a ten-character alphanumeric identifier, issued by the Indian Income Tax Department. These documents can be uploaded here

Similarly, when shipping to Brazil the recipient will need to provide identifying documentation such as their CPF number. The CPF number is the Brazilian individual taxpayer registry identification, a number attributed by the Brazilian Federal Revenue.

Carriers will attempt to contact the recipient directly to collect these documents prior to reaching out to Sendoso. If your shipment is stuck in customs, or if your recipient experiences any difficulty in providing necessary documentation, please contact Sendoso Support so we can assist!

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