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This article has answers to some frequently asked questions about Address Confirmation.

For a general overview of the Address Confirmation feature, check out this article: How do I Use Address Confirmation?



What if I don't have the recipient's address?

You can choose the I Don't Have Recipient's Address option on the Send page. This will allow you to submit the Send without an address and we’ll take care of collecting that information through the Address Confirmation email.

Sends from the Sending Fulfillment Center in Australia will require the recipient's address in order to process the Send. At this time, enabling Address Confirmation for Sends from that Sending Fulfillment Center is not available.

What types of sends can I enable this feature for?

This is enabled for any physical inventoried and Sendoso Direct sends for both single recipients, bulk CSV sends, and triggered sends.

What channels/integrations is this available for?

This is available for our core platform (, our Salesforce extension, and Amazon sends, Salesforce Triggered Sends, HubSpot, Marketo, & Eloqua.

Is this available for all of my warehouse sends?

This feature will work for any sends coming from all of our Sending Fulfillment Centers except for Ingleburn, Australia.

Will the sender receive notifications?

Yes, they will receive a notification if the recipient updates or doesn’t update their address.

What notifications will the recipient get?

Once the sender initiates a send, the recipient will get an email notification that a package is coming their way with the option to change or confirm their address via a landing page. Once updated, they will see a “success” message on the landing page.

How long will this delay shipment?

Up to two business days on top of normal processing times.

Are there any limits on where the recipient can update the send to?

They cannot send to P.O. Boxes.

Will the sender get to see the updated address?

No, this address will only be used for one order and won't get exposed to the sender. We are doing this to protect the privacy of your customers. However, the sender does get an email saying the recipient updated their address.

How many days will I be able to select before my offer expires?

You will be able to choose between 2-7 business days, this is calculated in Pacific Standard Time beginning at 9am PST.

Will I need to enable reminder emails or will they go out automatically?

This will automatically be enabled for all address confirmation sends that utilize the option to send via email. 

Will a reminder email be sent if I generate a link?

No, a reminder email will not be sent for generated links.

Is this available for triggered sends?

Yes, it is available for Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, and HubSpot.

What is the process when using Address Confirmation for Amazon Sends?

The same flow! Recipients will have two days to confirm their address. When the address is confirmed, Sendoso will purchase the item and have it shipped to our Sending Fulfillment Center to begin processing. This process can take a few days longer as the item has to be shipped from Amazon to our Sending Fulfillment Center.

Can I customize the Address Confirmation and Landing Page?

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